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멜라니's stuffs =P


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안넝하세요 =)
Where to start......hmmm....ok, i am a business owner from Scotland, i am mummy to two three-legged cats (Ben and Tia) and a bunny named Jasper. Im learning Korean (as u can tell) because i'm going there on holiday later this year and i plan to move to Seoul one day soon to live =)
I really do enjoy writing (and reading) stories/fanfics, i have recently started posting my own fics and because of the lovely and sweet comments i have received on them, i am updating ALOT atm, i am LOVING LJ, seriously, you guy's are sooooooo sweet, however this does not mean that you have to leave me comments, if you want to read my fics and remain anonymous and not comment at all, then thats all good too. Theres no need to stroke my ego for me to keep writing, i really do love doing it BUT if you want to be a lil' angel in my eyes, stroke away keke =P
I write most if not all pairings, i am also open to suggestions and/or requests, i will try my hardest to fulfil them for you to the best of my ability and as quickly as possible although, word of warning in advance, i write yaoi, it feels easier to write, my imagination kicks into gear and better work tends to be produced than when i write het BUT i will try my hand at anything, so don't be put off and afraid to ask if you have a request. Just don't bombard me with them people, i have a business to run too keke =P
The pairings i have written and posted up to now, include:
YunJae, EunHae, Joomi, YamaChii, MinKhun, 2Min, Jongkey and a few other ones, i intend to add lots more over the coming weeks, i hope y'all enjoy them =D
Anyhoo, i'll stop bending your ear now and bugger off HAHA =)
Take Care people and have a good one, whatever your doing and wherever you are